Dave Nestler

Based in Pittsburgh USA, Dave Nestler is one of the leading pinup artists in the world today.

A born artist Dave began drawing at a very early age. Exceptionally good at capturing people in art and in that field particularly women Dave’s path eventually led to the release of his famous "Blonde and Gagged" series as seen on a number of picks from the Chicks on Picks range.

From then Dave has gone from strength to strength with images featuring US model Miki Black (Miki’s School of Rock, Miki’s Final Exam, Nightmare on Miki street and No more Mrs Nice guy) and a whole host of lovely ladies that most men would die to meet.

In the past few years Dave has become increasing involved in the Tattoo market with many of his images being duplicated on to human skin.

This has also led to Dave’s art being used on cover’s of the famous US Tattoo magazine "Skin and Ink" and to Dave’s own monthly articles on the art of drawing in the same magazine.

Now working as part of the "Skin and Ink" team as well as continuing to create the most stunning art in the world he can be found
visiting many Tattoo Conventions as well as when opportunity occurs holding teaching seminars on the art of illustration.

Books by Dave Nestler

The Dave Nestler Sketchbook 1 (Bad girls drawn nicely)

The Dave Nestler Sketchbook 2 (Bad girls ride again)

The Art of Dave Nestler (wicked Intentions)
Nestler Girls Volume 1

Many thanks must be given to Dave as he has been an inspiration on the whole Chicks on Picks range and our continuing products, this would not exist without his help and guidance.

Dave Nestler

Dave Nestler

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